Target AudienceBusiness UserJavaScript DeveloperAny  Developer with basic Database knowledge
Hosting EnvironmentOracle CloudAny JS application hosting platform.Cloud(Oracle, AWS, etc. )  or any other application server like Apache Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic Server etc.
Development ToolsOracle CloudVarious IDE and ojet-cliWeb Browser based (Oracle Cloud and On Premise installation)
Data VolumeAs per the PaaS size constraintScalable, based on the hosting environment.Scalable, based on the hosting environment.
SecurityLimited by Oracle Cloud IDCSSecurity can be designed as required (based on hosting environment )APEX provides numerous security features out-of-the-box. Authenticate your users using LDAP, Oracle Single-sign on, Oracle Database credentials, or HTTP Header variable. Exploit database features like Virtual Private Database and Real Application Security
PurposePaaS extensionPaaS extension and Independent applications too.PaaS extension and Independent applications too.
Development ModeVisual BasedCoding BasedVisual Based
Development SpeedFasterSlowerFaster
DatabaseHas an internal DatabaseRequires an additional DatabaseOracle Database
UsabilityFor small and simple applicationsFor complex applicationsFor complex application

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